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Protect Canopy Solutions

Hail Exclusion

Protect your crops, nurseries, vehicles, and valuable assets from the destructive force of hail.


Hail damage can be devastating, wiping out entire farm crops and causing harm to uncovered vehicles. With decades of industry expertise, Protec Plus offers tailored solutions to safeguard your investments when Mother Nature strikes.

Bird Exclusion

At Protec Plus, we understand that every farm and challenge is unique. With over 50 years of industry experience, our friendly team is dedicated to crafting customized bird protection solutions that meet your specific needs. From backyard farmers to large-scale projects, we have the knowledge and products to keep your crops safe from pests.

Evaporation Management

Water is a precious resource, especially during extended droughts across Australia. Our effective pond covers can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%, preserving this vital resource.


Additionally, these covers inhibit algae growth and enhance water quality, while also reducing filter maintenance cycles. Choose from our range of systems, including permanent cable installations and floating self-install kits, to conserve water effectivel

Crop Shade Management

Maximize your crop productivity with proper shade management.


Protec Plus offers a range of products designed to create the ideal growing conditions for your investment. Whether you're cultivating crops in a backyard or on a large-scale farm, we have the solutions to help you succeed.

Floating Bird Exclusion System

The mining industry faces the ethical challenge of disposing of dirty water without harming wildlife.


Protec Plus provides a cost-effective solution to cover evaporation ponds, safeguarding birds and other wildlife while addressing environmental concerns.

Wind Protection

Effective wind management is essential for healthy plant growth and crop production. Count on Protec Plus for wind protection solutions that help your crops thrive in any weather condition.

Animal Shade

Protect your livestock from the harsh Australian sun with industry-approved animal shade solutions from Protec Plus. Our range of products ensures the well-being of your animals, promoting their comfort and safety.

Car Protection

Protec Plus offers a range of products designed to shield car storage areas from the elements. Our comprehensive design and build services adhere to industry standards, ensuring your vehicles remain in top condition, protected from sun, rain, and more.

Golf Ball Barrier

Reduce liability with tailored systems designed to keep golf balls out of unwanted areas. Protec Plus can create custom solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring the safety of players and spectators alike.

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