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Evaporation Management

Reduce Water Evaporation by up to 95%

(Permanent Cable Installation)

With extended periods of drought across Australia, water is the most precious resource for farmers. An effective pond cover can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%.

It also has added benefits such as reducing algae growth and improving overall water quality. By installing this system you can also extend your filter maintenance cycle. 

Protec Plus offers a number of systems including permanent cable installations and floating self install kit sets. 


FloatPro+ is also available as a bird exclusion option suitable for the mining and aquaculture industries. Available in custom sizes, this variant helps exclude birds and is environmentally friendly. FloatPro+ is a patented interlocking system that is designed to be easily self-installed.

Example of FloatPro+ self-installation kit pictured to the right. 

Suspended cable system
Suspension cable system

Dam cover utilising a suspended fixed cable system. 

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